Last Weekend of TassenKuchen

Dear Friends and Faithful Customers,

As most of you (if not all of you) have heard by now, we have handed over the reins of our beloved café to a new owner. TassenKuchen will exist under the name of TassenKuchen for just 4 more days. The 13th of December is our final day. The café will then be closed for two days for the transition and then reopen on December 16 for business as usual, just with a new name.

So….if you would like to eat our signature Pancakes, Burritos, Cinnamon Rolls, etc. as prepared by Paul, buy a bag of TassenKuchen Blend Espresso or see our beautiful sign one more time be sure to visit us this weekend!! (After that everything will proceed as usual in the capable hands of our faithful staff and new owner.)

It was truly special to become your neighbourhood café; to get to know the residents in our Kiez and witness your babies grow into children before our eyes. We will miss all the friendly faces and wonderful customers we have come to know over the past 5 years of TassenKuchen. I’m sure we’ll still see many of you in the ‘hood.

We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

Paul and Tonia

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Schulferien geschaftsstunde

Tassenkuchen will be closed on the weekends during the October school vacation period. That includes the weekends Oct. 15/16, Oct. 22/23 and Oct. 29/30. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We will, however, be open Monday through Friday as usual during this time. We hope to see you during the week.

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Sommer Pause/Summer Break

TassenKuchen schliesst von Donnerstag 28. Juli bis den 15. August für unsere Sommer Pause, ab dem 16.8. sind wir wieder für Euch da. Wir wünschen Euch eine schöne Sommerzeit.


TassenKuchen will be closed from Thursday, July 28 until the 16th of August for our summer break. We are looking forward to a much needed and deserved time to chill with the family. We look forward to seeing you all when we open again in August. We wish you all a very pleasant summer vacation.

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Osterfeiertage/Easter Holiday

TassenKuchen wird am Ostersamstag und Ostersonntag (26-27.03) geschlossen bleiben. Wir wünschen euch schöne Feiertage. Ihr müsst aber nicht auf unseren beliebten AYCE  Pancake Brunch verzichten,denn wir bieten am Freitag und Ostermontag unsere Wochenend Frühstückskarte an. Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch. Bis bald.


TassenKuchen will be closed over Easter Weekend (Saturday and Sunday, March 26-27). We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. So that you won’t miss our AYCE Pancake fiesta we will be offering our weekend menu on Friday and Monday. Come on in and chow down.

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No More Meat/Kein Fleisch Mehr

We have decided, after much thought and observation, to eliminate meat products from our menu entirely. This is not such a big step as we offered only bacon and breakfast sausage on the weekends. Our decision stems from a desire to be as sustainable in our business practices as possible and from our concern for the well being of animals. We also figure everyone probably eats enough meat the other days of the week, they surely won’t miss it on the weekend and might even enjoy a meat-free meal.

Hopefully most of you will welcome this commitment to a complete vegetarian menu as well as our increased vegan offerings. We care about the planet, animals and our collective  future and feel strongly about our desire to do what we can to make the world a better place for us all. And with any luck we communicate this in an obvious but gentle, non-aggressive way.

The clincher for us was watching the documentary Cowspiracy.


We hope you will all watch it as well and make informed choices regarding your lifestyle and food choices. Not to be alarmist but humanity needs to make some serious changes if we expect the planet to handle an influx of 9 billion of our kind in the near future.

Come in to TassenKuchen and feel good that you are eating organic food prepared in our kitchen in a sustainable manner. Hope to see you all again soon.




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Winter Break/Winterschliesszeit

Seasons greetings faithful friends and fans. We will be closed for the holidays from December 23 through January 3rd. We will reopen and be happy to see you again on the 4th of January. We wish you all wonderful, healthy and fun holidays! See you then!



fireworks-photography-new-years-2013-chicquero-28Fröhe Weihnachtszeit Lieber Freunde! Wir machen zu über Weihnachten und Silvester. Wir machen an den 4te Januar wieder auf. Frohes Fest wünschen wir euch. Bis 2016!

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Breakfast Everyday / Frühstuck 7 Tage lang

Hooray! You asked for it and you got it. We have officially started serving breakfast during the week too! That means you can now get (most of) your favorite TK breakfast offerings Monday through Friday. You no longer have to wait for the weekend. (All You-Can-Eat Pancakes are still reserved for the weekend only, however.)  Omelette or Pancakes for lunch anyone?

1.2016  MenuHooray! Ihr habt danach gefragt, also bekommt ihr es. Wir bieten nun offiziell auch unter der Woche unser Frühstück an. Ab sofort gibt es – die meisten – unserer beliebten TK-Frühstücksangebote von Montag bis Freitag. Kein Warten mehr aufs Wochenende (ausser für All-you-can-eat-Pancakes, gibt es dennoch ausschließlich nur am Wochenende). So, hat jemand Lust auf Omelette oder Pancakes zum Mittag?

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