crossed stars

Don’t know what was in the air this weekend, maybe the crazy 1te Mai energy or something more sinister perhaps but whatever it was it panned out (or didn’t) to make the whole baking situation more difficult. Trying a new recipe and pan proved disaster-like (but snacking on the mangled remains was akin to an euphoric cake-eating zombie experience), requiring a second, modified go at it. The caramelized glaze for the hazelnuts just didn’t want to make the transition from water and sugar to sweet, sticky, golden goodness…not even after 3 attempts. And, as if that were not enough to make me consider a career as taxi driver instead, the dough for the rhubarb-bars was a bit crumbly.

Ok, enough complaining about my kitchen difficulties…in the end everything turned out fine and the comments were highly positive. We had a nice little crowd (I guess some of our stammkunden were out throwing rocks at the police) and were able to sit on the balcony so all worked out in the end. And I thought the cookies were awesome!!

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