Hey All,

Today I am taking a course in food preparation safety….that’s good for all you cake eaters out there who don’t particularly like food poisoning. Of course, I think I already know the dos and don’ts of handling food (I ran a café for 4 years in the States) but you never know, I might learn some interesting factoids. Because of this there will be no TK Salon tomorrow. Sorry about that, I was looking forward to it too but it will all be too hectic. Let’s do it next weekend!

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1 Response to Lebensmittelkurs

  1. les says:

    as a faithful and very contented fan of the cafe in ‘the states’ (much too humble — it was the hippest cafe on the hippest island in the US), as well as a fortunate longtime kitchen-sharer and co-baker of Paul’s, I can attest — he knows food prep! But ever the learner off he goes to a new class. Kudos, Paul!

    I wish we were on the balcony tasting something wonderful but alas we are in the sticks in Connecticut, awating arrival of 2 Nigerian dwarf goats, no kidding. Peace. Love, Les

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