Getting there…

So I just noticed it has been almost 3 weeks (!!!) since i gave you all some progress photos. So, now a new round and some information. We have been working steadily to get the shop in shape so that it will be in “shop-shape” as soon as possible!

The walls are all plastered, yahoo!! It took 19, count ’em 19, 30kg bags of Rotband to do the job, but it is done. We have covered the incredibly-ugly orange painted, structured plaster that was there with nice, warm mouse-brown (that should be a positive description of the color) plaster. The walls now have a cement like look to them. We like it.

Yesterday we picked up four, old barn doors. They will be used somehow in the café space, but for now it is a secret as to how. We might need to “cut and paste” some of the boards, we will see. But they also have a warm, rustic feel to them. We are getting excited!

On friday I sanded off the end of my right index finger, yow that hurt!! (I will spare you all any photographic evidence.) It put me out of commision, that is until Saturday evening when we drive 40 minutes north of Berlin to the little village of Marienwerder to pick up the doors. Thankfully there were a few extra hands in the form of 3 middle aged men with enormous beer bellies wearing very small shorts and no shirts to help us. (I will spare you all any photographic evidence.) But we would not have been able to move them into the truck without their help. Thanks! Getting them out of the truck that night was a different story, and with a very sensitive finger it was not fun!

O.K. enough blah blah, here are the photos. (Some courtesy of Tomas Spencer, who has been very dedicated in helping us lately…many thanks!)

Jetzt auf “Deutsch”:

So, Hallo wieder…endlich mal wieder. Wir waren in den letzter Zeit sehr beschäftig. Aber, endlich sind die Wände fertig verputzt!! Juhu! 19 Tütchen (30kg pro Tüte) Rotband später…aber wir sind sehr zufrieden. Sieht toll aus, warm und freundlich.

Gestern haben wir Scheunentüren in einem kleinen Dorf (Marienwerder) nördlich von Berlin abgeholt. Das hat spaß gemacht. Sie sind riesig und teilweise schwer! Glücklicherweise hatten wir Hilfskräfte von drei Männer, (mit riesig und teilweise schwer Bierbäuche und viel zu kurze Hose).  Kein Fotos leider ; (. Aber hier sind ein paar Ablauf Fotos zu geniessen.

about half way done in the "big room" (photo TS)

Plastering complete!


sign of things to come!


outside seating...inside at the moment, getting a face lift!


the giant whisk oversees our progress!

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