Status Report, August

Hello Supports,

After a very nice vacation in Greece we are back at work. (You may be thinking, “What?!?!? How can they go on vacation in the middle of renovations?!”) We felt Greece needed our financial support so we dropped some drachmas there. Oh, whoops, I forgot they are still allowed to use the Euro. Anyway, we thought now was the time to go (we had a long standing invitation from a dear friend) before the café opens and we can not easily get away. Plus as you may remember from the last post, my finger was damaged in a runaway sander accident. The salt water worked wonders and my finger healed in no time. By the time we returned to “sunny” Berlin I was fit to dive into the renovation work again.

We also had the chance to make a fabulous peach pie while we were there (between swimming, napping and cocktails) cuz there were lots of peaches and they were really sweet and juicy.

So, last week was a real success story! We finished the walls, sanded some more chair parts, repaired some of the floor, painted the ceilings, painted the trim and some doors, and bought the wood for a table. Lots accomplished….it felt gooooood!


Wir sind zurück vom Urlaub, erholt und wieder fleissig auf der Arbeit. Ich hatte Zeit ein Pfirsich Pie in Griechenland zu backen, so dass Ich in Übung bleiben konnte.

Fortschrittinfos für euch…Wir hatten eine sehr produktive Woche, viel wurde vollendet. Wände gefertigt, Decken gestrichen, WCs und Türen fertig gestrichen, Boden teilweise repariert, und Material für ein Tisch gekauft.

Ich bin auf diese Woche sehr gespannt! Ich will das Loch im Boden füllen, eine Tür hängen und einen Tisch bauen. Und vielleicht den Tresen anfangen. Wünsch mir Glück! ; )

OK, I know, you want to see pictures and not read so much blah blah. Here ya go:

Sanding can tell by the dust in the air


The bathrooms are painted!


The floor that I have to tackle tomorrow. : (


A delicious peach pie, I must say. Made in Greece...with incredible peaches!


Octopus at the market in Greece.

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