It’s already September 11, yikes

Hello Friends!

Hard to believe but we are already in the throws of September. Fall is approaching…I guess we will not be open in summer. : ( Oh, well. Hopefully when we do open you will all be pleasantly surprised and want to bring every free, waking hour in the warmth of our friendly and cozy café. There will be plenty of great things to satisfy your cravings for American baking or your desire to try those unfamiliar, aforementioned goodies if you did not grow up in the states.

In 2 weeks (the weekend of the 24/25 th is a “Kiezfest” in lil’ ol Wedding. We will participate in some capacity so plan to poke your head in and say hi….and perhaps eat a cupcake or have an espresso or coffee. If the weather is amenable to cooperating you will even be able to sit outside. We would love to see the old, core group of TK Salon devotees.

OK, OK I will get to the progress photos….

guess what this is?

any guesses as to what this is?

salvaging old bier garten chairs


peace everyone, hope to see you in a couple weeks!


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