TK is at Stroke Art Fair in Berlin!!

Hello all,

This week is the second Stroke Art Fair in Berlin. It has taken place in Munich three times as well. This time we will be there! We were asked by the organizer of the Fair if we would be interested in supplying goodies for the VIP opening event on Thursday and then selling our wares Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Fair. We said “yes”… so there you have it.

The Fair shows the work of many diverse artists from around the world whose focus is quote-unquote street art. That does not mean graffiti or tagging (yikes!); no it incorporates many different genres and media. But it is not my place or interest to tell you about the Stroke Art Fair….just come by and check it out yourself, if you are in Berlin. All the details can be found at Take a look.

Below is a picture of the shopping results for our preparation for the massive bake-a-thon that will start tomorrow for the event. (We don’t yet have a supplier for our baking needs so we just had to schlep down to the local grocery store and buy there. I look forward to being able to order and get the stuff delivered in the future.)

In case you think it looks like a lot…it is!!! 70 eggs, 10 containers of buttermilk, 20 blocks of butter…etc. But we have much baking to do. All in all we will bring over 1000 (!!!!!) baked goods with us over the 4 days. Wish us luck!!

Hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to TK is at Stroke Art Fair in Berlin!!

  1. Jack says:

    Sounds like uhave a lot of work to do! Good luck!

  2. capncupcake says:

    True dat! and i am on it as i type…just taking a little break as the stand mixer does its thing. thanx for the positive energy.

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