Stroke update

Stroke macht spass!! Wir waren gestern auf der Messe (viele Schulklassen) und es war toll! unserem kleine Leihwagen sah toll aus und wir haben die Leute Freude gemacht (von was wir erfassen haben ; ) ). Heute geht’s wieder los. Komm vorbei! Es lohnt sich!

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3 Responses to Stroke update

  1. craig says:

    that is supa coolio, the cart and yummy goodies look amazing !!!!!!!!!

  2. leslie says:

    It is very fun to see the progress on the cafe! Thanks for the pictures. I wish the cupcake photos were edible. Missing you and your baked works of art. All love from your Connecticut USA fan club (including the goats and chickens). Les and Joe and girls

    • capncupcake says:

      thanks Les!!! We wish all our USA fans could be here too! especially for the opening party….whenever that may occur. Lots of love to you all! I miss baking in your cozy kitchen.

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