All you very patient friends of TassenKuchen…

We are finally going to open, next Thursday!!! November 10!!!  At 9 AM!!! The location is Malplaquetstrasse 33 (corner of Utrechter Strasse) Hurray!

We are in the final push to finish all the small details and open our doors to the public. Thank you all for your stalwart support, physical help and positivity these past 5 (!!!!!!)  months during renovation. And for many of you the support goes back to over one year, when we started our TK Salon.

We are very excited (and a bit nervous) to get TK off the ground and officially in the air. Please come by, show your friendly face, and share our joy in opening our second home to you. Hopefully it will become a second home for you as well. We hope you feel comfortable there.


Hallo sehr geduldige Freunde!!! Gute Nachrichten….wir machen endlich auf!! Juhu!!! An dem 10ten November um 9 Uhr machen wir die Türen (ok, die Tür) im Ernst auf. Wir freuen uns riesig und hoffen ihr freut euch auch.

TassenKuchen wird unser zweites Zuhause und wir haben versucht den Laden so einzurichten, dass ihr euch dort auch wie zuhause fühlt.

our opening promotional flyer...ain't it pretty?!?!

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