Whoopie Pie Wednesday

Yes, it’s true! Every Wednesday from now on, until the end of the world (ok, that is not so long, just over a year) we will be offering up the goodness of the W-Pie, that delectable goodie that looks a little like a confectionary version of a reverse hamburger. (Please see photographic proof below of the pie and its first appearance in the café last week.)

Whoopie Pies proved to be a big hit with the uninitiated as well as with the er, well, initiated. (Those who had frequented TK Salons on Sundays and were on a first name basis with the aforementioned pies.) Plus they are truly an American thing, though there is still debate as to by whom and where they were invented. (I am voting for Maine, cuz it’s closer to Boston then Philly. And Philly already has the cheese steak, don’t be greedy! How many boundary-pushing culinary delights can one location have?!?) And…yes there is more ranting to be done here, if you want to expand the boundaries of Philly to include all of PA can’t they lay claim to scrapple as well? Maine didn’t invent the lobster, they just exploited it…so what else do they have? Give ’em credit for the Pie) Whew!, done with that  rant.

So check out the photo below:

Deutsche: bin zu faul zu übersetzen….bitte probier Babblefish (http://www.babblefish.com/freetranslator.php#!prettyPhoto%5Biframe%5D/0/)

chocolate UFOs known as Whoopie Pies, land at TK

classic style choc/vanilla cupcakes

Petrified Mini cupcakes make great xmas tree decorations

For a chocolate overload, go to the dark side!

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2 Responses to Whoopie Pie Wednesday

  1. Holy sweet Jesus! Whoopie Pies! My mother used to make those for me – and they are a rarity even in the USA! I guess I’ll have to make the LOOOONG treck up to see you soon!

    • capncupcake says:

      Yo Jason,

      make the trip it will be worth it. i’ve got the pies cooling on the windowsill every wednesday! ; ) hope to see you soon.

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