The Everlasting Sugar High

So, we just completed our 4th Sunday All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Brunch after the big Sugar High blog shout out. And here is where we stand. We went from two people working in the café on a Sunday to six (!) this past Sunday. The number of guests seems to have leveled off to a comfortable and manageable amount in the 4th week. Plus, we added a big griddle, dedicated to pancake making, in the kitchen two weeks ago. That and the increased staff means we can satisfy more hungary pancakes lovers more easily…everyone is happy….hopefully.

That said, we still are recommending reservations to be sure you don’t get shut out. Give us a call (best) or email your reservation request (less reliable) and we will do our best to accommodate your desired seating time. This is a must for larger parties…but this is nothing new in Berlin.

And this just in….we have added an item to our breakfast offerings. And not just on Sundays. We now offer “italian toast” this is like french toast, arme ritter, pain perdue, whatever you call it but made with Italian Panettone. I believed this was my creation until I mentioned it to a friend of mine one time a few years ago only to discover she makes it too. Regardless, it is super tasty and a nice variation to the tired (but also still delicious), typical french toast. Come on in and give it a try…you will wake up mornings with a craving. But at least you will know where to get yourself some again.


Panettone, in case you had forgotten.

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