Spring is/was here…Frühling kommt!/?

hello all,

it was looking good there for a while with the warm, sunny weather and all. don’t let the little intermission get you down. the beautiful spring weather will be here again very soon. (that is my attempt at optimism.) but anyway, the point i want to make is that we here at TK have been busy making our outdoor seating visually appealing. tonia and kai cleaned up the tree boxes (or whatever they are called) out in front of the café and planted them with flowers and ground cover. i must say it looks quite inviting out there…flowers in the sidewalk boxes, flowers on the tables, a fresh breeze…a good sign of more comfortable weather to come.

so, come on by with a friend (and a sweater at the moment) and enjoy something delicious and ring in spring (try anyway). Hope to see you soon.

and don’t forget about pancakes on sunday….below, a teaser…..


und auf “Deutsch”:

hallo freunde,

so, es sah aus als ob der Frühling kommt aber vielleicht doch nicht…wer weisst? aber wir versuchen optimistisch zu bleiben. aus ist schön gepflanzt und wir setzen Stühle draussen. Es ist wirklich nett da zu sitzen, komm einfach mit eine dicke Pulli an man!

Und vergiss nicht….Pancakes geben immer noch!….


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