The Big 6M!

6 Months that is!! Yes, tomorrow marks 6 months of being in our official location (coming down from the 3rd floor and out into the open). We want to celebrate! This week we will cook up some special treats for you all to ring in the next 6 months of our first year of business (if that makes sense). And to celebrate on the day, thursday, we are offering free mini cupcakes to all our customers who wish us a happy “demiversary”. We want to thank you all for supporting TK over the past 6 months and hope to see more of you.

The weather is getting nice (and then again not nice, and then nice again, and then…) and you can sit outside and soak up the character of Wedding right before your eyes.

And a note about the LUCA concert this past was GREAT!!! I hope you were there. We had a great time; about 40 people showed up to hear two beautiful sets by Luca. They were very well received…as they should have been. We look forward to hosting them again soon. Check out her CD on the previous post’s link.

LUCA at TassenKuchen…a really fun afternoon of great, acoustic music.

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