Lots of new and exciting things by TK!

As mentioned in the last post, we have a new espresso machine. And it looks like this:

makes milk foam like butter, baby…macht milchschaum wie Butter


And we just recently got our “KeepCup”s in. We can now offer you Coffee Togo (though I still prefer Coffee Tuesday). But, and it’s a big but…you can take a KeepCup with you but you have to leave a deposit equal to the retail price of the cup; either that or you can leave an “ausweis”. We have two sizes: cappuccino and latte. The cups are polypropylene but free of BPA, Pthalate, PVC, Polycarbonate, PSAs, ERAs, EMIs, BPMs, ELOs, OMGs and lots of other initials.

The cappuccino size costs 9.80€ and the latte size 10.50€ plus you get a free hot beverage of your choice when you buy it and you pay 0,10€ less for every hot drink when you use your KeepCup at TK. (I am not sure other cafés will honor that offer.)

They come in combinations of the vibrant TK colors; just look for yourself:

Just say no to contributing to landfills!

If you gotta go, take us with you. Your grandkids will thank you.  ; )


Last but not least, we have mounted some decorations (ooh, that is a nasty word) on a wall in the big table room. We hope it contributes positively to the ambience. We think its pretty rad!

Free wheeling at TK!

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