How ’bout them…er, cupcakes?

Just when you were thinking: “Wow, that paul! What a creative genius.” Huh, that was not your sentiment; oh, sorry. Well anyway here is another cupcake creation fresh off the press. The Rhubarb Cupcake with a turbaned Raspberry Creamcheese-Buttercream Dam holding back a veritable landslide of Rhubarb Compote. Need visual proof? See the photo below.

Tell me what you think!


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2 Responses to How ’bout them…er, cupcakes?

  1. Leslie Sherr says:

    Actually, Paul, I just think you are a genius, hands down, no qualifier. Why have I not been getting these posts?! They are… genius! I don’t think I have ever seen more divine looking frosting on a cupcake in my life. And all these little concoctions are so inventive! I should have known but, truth be told, I had no idea. I am so totally, thoroughly, ridiculously, over-the-top proud of you and Tonia. XOL

  2. capncupcake says:

    Leslie, you are too kind! I am blushing. And being that you live in a large, very large, metropolitan area and have surely seen over 10, 11, 12, who knows how many, cupcakes that is quite a nice compliment. Thank you. I hope you can make it to TK sometime in the near future. Oh, if you subscribe to the TK blog you will always be notified of new posts. XO back at ya.

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