Sommer Pause/Summer Break

Hello dear friends of TK! We want to let you all know that we will be closed from July 25th until Friday, August 17th when we will be open again. As one shop in Berlin wrote, “this is not summer, we are taking a summer break”…we will be hoping to find summer somewhere.

You still have this week to stuff yourself to the gills with TK delights before we hit the road and you have to fast. We hope you enjoy the 3 weeks while we are gone. We will be refreshed and eager to treat you again when we return.

Hallo TK freunde! Wir werden vom 25ten Juli bis Freitag den 17ten August für unsere Sommer Pause geschlossen bleiben. (Wir suchen den Sommer, besser gesagt!) Ihr habt noch eine Woche Zeit, um Euch mit unseren Leckereien zu verwöhnen. Wenn wir wieder da sind könnt ihr wieder leckeren Kuchen essen und immer noch draussen sitzen. : ) Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß in den nächsten 3 Wochen .Bis dann.

Some recent offerings to entice you to stop by before we shutter up.

strawberry with strawberry for a full-on strawberry experience. set your alarm clock!

lemon drop cupcakes or something to that effect. with homemade (of course) lemon curd!

black forest/schwarzwalder cupcakes with a real, live cherry and custard on top!

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