Congratulations Natascha and Andy!!

We want to congratulate Natascha and Andy publicly on our site…for two reasons. One, cuz they are friends of ours who just got married. The wedding was last weekend and it was a gorgeous event. And i am not just talking about the bride and groom. The event took place over the course of the weekend at a mini castle (schloss) outside of Berlin. It was a great time and we also got to go canoeing!! yeah! but you are probably not really interested in that.

And the second reason (self serving that it is) for congratulating them on our blog is to get down to business and show a picture of the wedding “cake” we made for them. There is also a little story behind it: Andy is color blind so we made the cake to resemble a color blind test pattern comprised of about 160 regular and mini cupcakes. As you can see in the photo below the theme of the pattern was…LOVE, what else?!

Love is blind but is it also color blind? (The answer is “no”.)

All the cupcakes were eaten except for two (luckily) that N & A put in their freezer to eat on their first anniversary. We wish them much happiness!! Cheers to you both Natascha and Andy.

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