Swedish style?

Does anyone speak Swedish out there? I believe this is from a swedish on line travel magazine. Can anyone substantiate that?

Hetaste tipsen till balla Berlin

3. Pannkaksfrossa

Gillar du pannkakor? På kaféet Tassenkuchen i up and coming-stadsdelen Wedding kan du frossa tills det kommer lönnsirap ut ur öronen. Brunchbuffé varje söndag från 10.30.

Malplaquetstrasse 33



Thanks for the shout out Sweden!!!

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1 Response to Swedish style?

  1. Olof says:


    This is a article in the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet who wrote about “The coolest things in cool Berlin” or something like that and you where tip no. 3.

    What it says:
    “Do you like pancakes? At Café Tassenkuchen, in the up-coming aria of Wedding you are able to eat all that you want until maple syrup comes pouring out of your ears.
    The All-You-Can eat pancake buffe is served on Sundays from 10:30.”

    So see you next Sunday and I can’t wait to try out some cakes!

    Best regards

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