Election Madness Party!

Calling all Americans and anyone else crazy enough to be interested in the US election!

TassenKuchen will be hosting the televised, live action, circus-of-an-event that is the U.S. Presidential Election. Watch as the two candidates sweat as the clock ticks away the hours and minutes before the final tally is made. See if your favorite has successfully bought his way into the highest office in America by spending $6,000,000,000 (that’s 6 BILLION!!!!! dollars total for both candidates*) of his money, private donations and the tax payers’ money collectively. (If you could see me you would see me shaking my head in despair.) And should purchasing the office prove unsuccessful, watch as they sic their over-aggressive, money-mongering lawyers on each other to sue their way into office. Oh, and don’t forget voter intimidation, faulty ballets, last-minute redistricting, miniature print and pushing and shoving! (It’s not reserved for just banana republics.)

Yes, you can see and hear it all, right on the evening news-a-tainment projected before your disbelieving eyes in vivid color on a wall in our comfortable café. And like any good evening of heart-palpitating entertainment this one will also be full of drinks and snacks. So come on down!

The fun begins Tuesday, November 6th, around 9PM and goes until about 2:00 AM (at which point I will have to go to bed so I can get up the next morning, er later that morning, to “make the donuts”.)

Pop in, say hi and share in all the fun! Let’s hope it works out for a change!

*BBC News

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1 Response to Election Madness Party!

  1. jacob says:

    Really Cosy atmosphere


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