Sweet and Easy

Some interesting news!! We got a call out of the blue a few weeks ago from a casting agency. They wanted to know if yours truly would be interested in making an appearance on a cooking/baking show called  “Sweet and Easy”. They sent someone over to shoot a test film and then we waited to hear.

One week and countless emails later I was booked to film an episode on Enie van de Meiklokjes‘ program. We filmed last week and all went fairly well. (There were, of course several german grammatical errors committed but hey, no one is perfect.) Best of all everyone there was really nice and helpful and the whole experience was quite enjoyable. The day after we shot in the studio a photographer came to the café and took stills and shot some video of me baking and eating cake. He was also a really nice guy.

So we are excited to see the final result….only problem is that we all have to wait until November to see the episode. It is to be called “My Private Coffee Shop“. Go figure. And can be seen on the SIXX network.

Check out some other episodes at: http://www.sixx.de/tv/enie-backt.

Oh, by the way, I was asked to bake Blondies for the show. Not the most exciting looking dessert but certainly one of our specialties and best loved offerings.

Like a deer caught by the headlights....Blondies caught in the spotlight.

Like a deer caught by the headlights….Blondies caught in the spotlight.

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