New Menu Card and Compliments

Hey all friends of TassenKuchen….we have been working for what seems like months now to get a new, more readable menu card put together. With the help of our good friend Kai, we finally got it finished and printed. It is now to be perused in the café! Come in and check it out, especially the new “Specials” section.

This week we have added a new drink “ChariTea” to our assortment. In four flavors. And three new breakfast items perfect for the weekend. Blueberry Pancakes….hooray!! The Hangover Helper (an egg sandwich with all the necessary fixins to get your system back up and running) and the Truck Stop (home fries and sunny side up egg(s)). Classic! and delicious. We are offering all these up this weekend and for the next few weeks. If they are well received then they will be keepers.

I would like to thank Anna for a very nice compliment today. She left a note to be passed on to me and it reads as follows: “The blueberry vegan cupcake w/vanilla frosting was out of this world! Best I’ve had in Berlin yet! Will be coming back often! -Anna from England (new costumer)”

I look forward to meeting you Anna, thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you liked it. And from now on every Friday is Vegan Cupcake Day with a wide(r) assortment of sweet treats. Look for info on our facebook page.

And earlier this week a customer ate a cheesecake and told us he is a connoisseur of cheesecake and ours was the best he has eaten!!! Woooah! Thanks for the superlative review!! I happen to agree because it is my italian grandmother’s recipe.

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