Ice Pops /Eis am Stiel

Finally, at TassenKuchen, after over a year in the making (kind of), we have created our own frozen treats conveniently mounted on a stick! We call them Ice Pops! Yes, I know that term already exists, that’s why we are using it, so you know what we are talking about.

We just cooked up a delicious batch of Popsicles (oooh, there is another name for them) and they will be ready for consumption tomorrow! Hooray! Flavors include:

Mixed Berry Mint

Mango Ginger

Banana Chocolate


All lovingly crafted by us for you using only the best tasting organic ingredients. So put on your sweater and come on down and try one!

Goodness on a Stick!!

Goodness on a Stick!!

Eis am Stiel ist endlich da! Nach ungefähr ein Jahr im Arbeit haben wir “Ice Pops” nur für euch kreiert. Morgen gibt’s vier Gesmacksrichtungen im Angebot:

gemischt Beeren Minze

Mango Ingwer

Banana Schokolade


Zieht ein Pulli an, komm vorbei und probiere eins!

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2 Responses to Ice Pops /Eis am Stiel

  1. Karen says:

    Please send pics! It sounds so yummy I can’t wait for July to visit you and have ice pops!

  2. capncupcake says:

    Here are the pics, finally. We are making new popsicle flavors all the time! And it is finally getting warm enough to eat them. ; )

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