Reunificationcelebration at TK

Hey, tomorrow is the anniversary of the reunification of Germany. This all came about because of the greatest President the USA ever had. Yes, of course I mean Ronald Reagan. The very President that declared our national condiment (Ketchup) a vegetable and therefor a valuable part of school lunches. But that is not why I bring him up. I would like to make a relevant link to tomorrow here.

Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” as he stood by the Wall. And low and behold the wall came down shortly afterward. So we can all thank the Gipper for one big happy Germany. But wait, there is more. What was Bonzo’s favorite food? No not the jelly bean, that was a cheap marketing stunt by the Jelly Bean Growers of America (JBGA) who of course contributed heavily to RR’s campaign fund. NO, his true favorite food was the Pancake. So, to make a long story no longer than it already is, here is the point. TK will be offering up our tasty Pancakes for your late breakfasting pleasure tomorrow in honor of the reunification of Germany. So come on in and get a stack. But please don’t try to order any other breakfast items… you have to wait for the weekend for that. ; )

Have a great Feiertag!

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