Beware of YELP!!

Dear Friends of TassenKuchen.

I want to let you know what Yelp is apparently doing to make money. As you may or may not know Yelp bought Qype (also a questionable forum for business reviews, but unfortunately the reality of our electronic lives). When Yelp took over they began to manipulate which reviews readers could readily see. We are not the only business to notice this. In fact a friend of ours sent an email around to this effect.

Well today I just checked on our Yelp listing and guess what?!?!?! Yes, the only Yelp recommended review was the worst we have gotten!!!! WTF!?!?!? I am steaming. I am minutes away from taking our business off Yelp, but first I will wait until they call to suggest I buy a monthly premium package and then they can “fix” our overall ratings. Then I can let them know where they can stick their premium package.

So, please beware that what you see on Yelp is probably not accurate at all!!! Read all the reviews at the bottom of the business’ page to get the most comprehensive opinion.

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2 Responses to Beware of YELP!!

  1. Susanne Haun says:

    I like to sit in tassenkuchen and have a coffee and on weekend I like the pancakes.

  2. Hi there, I googled Tassenkuchen to see if I could get the description of the quiche I ate on Sunday. I got into the Yelp page and only saw 2 reviews, the good one and the bad one. So I left you a good one, because I’m one of your biggest fans 😀

    Then I saw this post and well, yes, Yelp sometimes is tricky. But maybe you haven’t seen your raving funs in Foursquare? We love you guys:

    Hugs to the team!


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