Thank you all! Danke an alle unsere Gaste

Welcome to Fall everyone…the air is colder and crisper, the leaves are changing (as much as they do in Berlin) and people are moving indoors. Yes, we have noticed it…or we were mentioned in some blogs, or the word has just been spreading. Whatever it is, the past two weekends have been crazy!! Lots and lots of customers and new customers! We want to thank you all for coming to our little, neighborhood café and enjoying our organic, homemade, baked goods and lunch specials.

With Fall and the changing temperature come colds and flus too! Yikes. If this short Fall period is any indication of what’s to come this winter then we are in for a doozie of a  Flu season. I hope that is not the case but who knows?! We had our share of trouble this past weekend with lots of employees sick and finding ourselves understaffed. I would like to personally apologize to those who had to wait extra long this past weekend. We found ourselves short staffed in the kitchen and on top of that with an extremely high volume of customers.

It all added up to the “perfect storm”, ie: a very stressful situation in the kitchen and longer wait times. We are very sorry. Unfortunately, we could not remedy the situation.  We will work on finding a solution for the future so that the winter flu season does not catch us off guard again.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all again soon.

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