No More Meat/Kein Fleisch Mehr

We have decided, after much thought and observation, to eliminate meat products from our menu entirely. This is not such a big step as we offered only bacon and breakfast sausage on the weekends. Our decision stems from a desire to be as sustainable in our business practices as possible and from our concern for the well being of animals. We also figure everyone probably eats enough meat the other days of the week, they surely won’t miss it on the weekend and might even enjoy a meat-free meal.

Hopefully most of you will welcome this commitment to a complete vegetarian menu as well as our increased vegan offerings. We care about the planet, animals and our collective  future and feel strongly about our desire to do what we can to make the world a better place for us all. And with any luck we communicate this in an obvious but gentle, non-aggressive way.

The clincher for us was watching the documentary Cowspiracy.


We hope you will all watch it as well and make informed choices regarding your lifestyle and food choices. Not to be alarmist but humanity needs to make some serious changes if we expect the planet to handle an influx of 9 billion of our kind in the near future.

Come in to TassenKuchen and feel good that you are eating organic food prepared in our kitchen in a sustainable manner. Hope to see you all again soon.




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11 Responses to No More Meat/Kein Fleisch Mehr

  1. Thom says:

    Hope you go vegan it’s very satisfying to feel free finally from exploitation animals to satisfy ones tastebuds.

    • capncupcake says:

      We are headed that way personally. Not sure the café would survive as a totally vegan outlet but that would be nice. We thank you and all the vegans out there for doing the ethically correct thing. We hope more people will make the welfare of animals and others a priority in their lifestyle choices. It can only make for a better world.

      • Thom says:

        I am no expert but I am sure if there are many vegans living in the cafe vicinity then it should work. We have a couple which are doing okay. I think the question should be about use not treatment. I dont believe animals should be used just like people of colour are treated differently from other colours. Both are forms of violence. Thanks for replying and apologizes for taking so long to do so. Have a good week…

  2. Leslie Sherr says:

    I applaud your efforts, and your moral compass. Plus, all the data points to the significant health benefits of a predominantly green diet. If the planet and the future are not compelling enough reasons to reduce meat consumption, then do it for yourself.

    • capncupcake says:

      Thanks Leslie. It’s nice to get support for one’s beliefs, especially when they personally mean so much and can hopefully have a wider impact. If you haven’t watched the documentary you really should, it’s very insightful. You can find it on Netflix.

  3. Lukas says:

    Hooray for you! I’ll visit you soon 🙂

    • capncupcake says:

      Hooray for the entire Planet, animals and future peoples!! ; ) Hope to see you soon. And thanks for your support.

  4. fuel2water says:

    Hey there! I just enjoyed a nice cup of Chai latte in your bakery-café and read this article. If this movie had such an impact on you, then I can also recommend watching “Earthlings” narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (its free on YouTube, because the DVD now costs around 70 – 200 € on Amazon). You will never ever touch meat again. But beware, its very graphic. Thumbs up for your step in the right direction!

    • capncupcake says:

      Thanks for your support Justin, we feel confident in our decision. As far as “Earthlings”, I’ll have to pass. “Fast Food Nation” was tough enough for me as far as graphic is concerned. It might be of interest for others though. Thanks for chiming in.

  5. Johnny says:

    I feel this discriminates me as a meat-eater and I will not visit.

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