Last Weekend of TassenKuchen

Dear Friends and Faithful Customers,

As most of you (if not all of you) have heard by now, we have handed over the reins of our beloved café to a new owner. TassenKuchen will exist under the name of TassenKuchen for just 4 more days. The 13th of December is our final day. The café will then be closed for two days for the transition and then reopen on December 16 for business as usual, just with a new name.

So….if you would like to eat our signature Pancakes, Burritos, Cinnamon Rolls, etc. as prepared by Paul, buy a bag of TassenKuchen Blend Espresso or see our beautiful sign one more time be sure to visit us this weekend!! (After that everything will proceed as usual in the capable hands of our faithful staff and new owner.)

It was truly special to become your neighbourhood café; to get to know the residents in our Kiez and witness your babies grow into children before our eyes. We will miss all the friendly faces and wonderful customers we have come to know over the past 5 years of TassenKuchen. I’m sure we’ll still see many of you in the ‘hood.

We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

Paul and Tonia

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4 Responses to Last Weekend of TassenKuchen

  1. Matthias says:

    Warum nicht einfach deutsch? Gerade dafür finde ich es in Wedding angenehm: hier muss ich mal nicht wie in Mitte und Neukölln meine Englischkenntnisse bemühen…

  2. Karen y Cho says:

    Paul Pac! These email blasts have been a constant companion of mine for many years, sad to imagine it ending. I’ll shoot you an email to catch up. Good luck on the transition and happy holidays!

    • capncupcake says:

      Thanks KCho! Yes, please send me an email, i would love to hear what you are doing….will check out your site!

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